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Torah Inspiration for any Occasion!

David H. Feinberg dedicates this website in honor of his parents Peter I. Feinberg & Ceil Feinberg


Rabbi Aba Wagensberg, a close Talmid of Harav HaGaon Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg, ZT”L, received his rabbinical ordination from HaRav Yitzchak Kolitz, ZT”L, former Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Rabbi Wagensberg serves as the Rabbi Emeritus of the Etz Chaim Center Synagogue of Center City, Philadelphia. Currently, Rabbi Wagensberg is a sought-after lecturer in a variety of institutions in Israel and abroad. His exuberant nature makes his classes exciting and popular. Rabbi Wagensberg is the author of Inspiring Change (about self growth) and A Shot of Torah (a collection of shorter divrei Torah on the Parsha and holidays), as well as weekly Torah articles sent out via email to thousands of people. He has created a Torah audio and video library. He can also be heard weekly on the Lakewood radio station, Kol Berama 107.9 FM.


Shiurim for Every Occasion


Motivating Torah articles on the parshios of the week and holidays that you can print out and share at your Shabbos and Yom Tov tables. Inspiring and comprehensive  teachings with accompanying sources! Enjoy!


Inspiring Torah lectures on the weekly parsha and holidays. Listen when you're exercising, traveling, cleaning up around the house or cooking for Shabbos. These teachings are sure to infuse your Shabbos and Yom Tov food with added kedusha. 


Uplifting Torah talks on the parsha of the week and Yom Tov. Although they can be listened to when on the move, in your car, around your house, and at the dinner table, they can also be viewed on your device! Try it once, you'll be back for more.

Listen to Our Students

“Rav Aba, one of my all time favorite rabbis, his energetic engaging style, amazing clarity, laced with humor  makes Torah learning epic. I have been one of the very fortunate people to have devoured  the blissful words of this Torah giant.”

Gilad Neppe

“It is no exaggeration to say that every class of Rabbi Wagensberg’s is rivetting, full of mind blowing concepts that all come together with relevance to our daily lives. A true privilege to hear & learn from such a Gadol BaTorah.”

Terri Glasser

"I always walk away from Rabbi Wagensberg's classes energized."

Rheta Zabrowsky

“Reb Aba's shiurim are always powerful and uplifting. He gives us practical ways to connect to Hashem with Torah and Mitzvahs in our daily lives. It's a feel good, positive, encouraging Torah experience."

Mordechai Spector

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